About Me

Just a little about me . . .

I married my high school love, Mark, and have shared 26 years with my best friend ~ a man who encouragedmelissa layton_107_tilt_WEB me as I gave up my 9 year career as a Registered Nurse to pursue my passion. Together, we have two amazing sons, Joseph (10yrs) and Joshua (7 yrs). Our boys are what I like to call “spirited” – they have boundless energy and keep me on my toes all day. As a mom of boys, I’m proud to declare that I survived the “bug” obsession, dinosaurs, Thomas the train (LOL – I knew the names of ALL those darn trains!), and many other “boy” things I never imagined I’d be involved in! These days I’m way more of a flag football, soccer and baseball fan than I ever though I would be. Who knew a group of 9yr olds playing ball could be so exciting – I literally yell and cheer until I’m hoarse! Oh yes – I’m “that” mom on the sidelines (Ha, Ha).

As a mother, I see my children growing up before my eyes and I can’t help but question, “when did this happen?” While it’s exciting to look ahead, it’s hard not to get nostalgic . . . a little bundle all fresh and new. I marveled at the tiny miracles my husband and I had created ~ so afraid we would somehow “break” them. A wobbly attempt to sit up where even the slightest giggle threw them off balance and they tipped over . . . and the first tentative steps of independence, holding my breath as they stumbled. All moments I never want to forget. While I haven’t yet figured out how to bottle these memories up, portraiture is my way to hold on ~ sort of a window into that time. When I look around my home I am reminded of these times and it makes me smile . . . flashing back to the memory tucked in my heart.

I truly believe that my life experiences as well as my training as a nurse have made me a better photographer. I bring a nurturing but confident attitude to my sessions and am able to find the humor in even the most stressful situations – something my clients comment on all the time.

What else can I tell you about myself . . .

  • I am a serious chocoholic – like I need a support group or something ☺. If you find yourself sneaking into the pantry and shoving a handful of M&M’s into your mouth . . . you know you have a problem!
  • I am a recovering Coca-Cola addict. Every now and then I treat myself, or a former client brings me one . . . . remembering my Coca-Cola and pop tart breakfast on those early newborn session days.
  • I have the opposite of a green thumb . . . I can kill a plant just by looking at it, it’s a gift!
  • I have ABSOLUTELY no sense of direction – like seriously, NONE. I’ve lived in Pennsylvania for 13 years and my husband has declared that I can no longer claim I’m “new to the area” if it’s been over a decade.  It’s really that bad people . . . this may be why I have a home-based studio!
  • I hate seafood . . . ALL seafood. So resist the temptation to quiz me, “well you HAVE to like shrimp – right?” WRONG!!! If it lives, swims or crawls in the water – I don’t eat it. My husband has tried for 24 years and it just isn’t happening folksfamily_WEB

                                                                                                  (*photos courtesy of Briony Hope Photography)