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Exton newborn session Melissa Layton Photography

Introducing Baby Logan! This little peanut came to me just 7 days after he was born at Paoli Hospital.

I loved the fact that Logan had his family all around him for this session. Not only were his older twin sisters, Brynn and Teagan, there to love on their baby brother but also Logan’s grandmothers from both sides of the family came. Clearly, this little guy is surrounded by love!

I love the story Mom told of the gender reveal for little Logan:

We went back and forth about if we were going to find out the baby’s gender this time around. Jeff said he had to know with the twins for the fact there were going to be 2 babies to prepare for, but he would be okay being surprised this time around. In a way, I wanted to be surprised, but I also wanted to be completely prepared for this baby too, knowing I could feel more connected to the baby during my pregnancy knowing the gender, and also able to prepare our two-and-a-half-year-old twin daughters by talking about this new little bundle who would be joining our family.

We decided to make the trip to San Francisco to visit my sister and her family for Thanksgiving, knowing it might be a while before we are able to make the trip again with three little ones. We were still on the fence about finding out but agreed it was okay for me to get the envelope at my doctor’s appointment before we left for California, just in case! We decided during the plane ride out there it would be fun to do a reveal in California, since my sister’s family doesn’t get to actively participate in person for special things like this very often. We didn’t tell anyone our plan, but Jeff had gender reveal decorations delivered to the house within a few days of our arrival, and on Thanksgiving morning, he woke up extra early to decorate their main living space. As each person woke up and wondered why everything was decorated, we let them know we were going to find out the gender on Thanksgiving afternoon.

With the help of a family friend (who would not be at the reveal), the results were read, and a baseball with pink or blue contents was selected to be used later in the day. Mid-afternoon on the East Coast, when Jeff’s family was getting together for the holiday, we FaceTimed them and let them know we were about to find out the baby’s gender and they were about to find out with us. We all went to the backyard, where I pitched the baseball to Jeff (decent pitches might I add) 3 times, with him missing each time. He blames it on the kiddie-sized bat he was using. Finally, he threw the ball up for himself and knocked it across the yard, with a huge cloud of blue powder exploding all over us. We were having a BOY!!!

What an amazing story! And what an amazing family, too. Thank you again, Kelly & Jeff, for bringing your little ones as well as your joy and love into my studio.

Exton newborn session Melissa Layton PhotographyExton newborn session Melissa Layton PhotographyExton newborn session Melissa Layton PhotographyExton newborn session Melissa Layton PhotographyExton newborn session Melissa Layton PhotographyExton newborn session Melissa Layton PhotographyExton newborn session Melissa Layton Photography

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